We are committed to generating and sharing knowledge about the intersections of violence & trauma, gender, social conditions and health inequities. Our work supports policy, practice, education, and, ultimately, those experiencing violence and inequality.

This website is primarily aimed at researchers and service providers seeking information and evidence, but we also link to new evidence-informed resources for those experiencing violence. We hope you find what you need.

Health Effects and Costs of Violence
Click here to read about work highlighting the costs and impacts of violence.
Improving Women's Health & Safety
Click here to see our research testing interventions for women experiencing violence.
What Counts is What Gets Counted
Click here to see our work measuring violence and inequities.
Trauma, Violence and Inequity
Click here to see our work examining the links between violence and inequity.

If you are a woman who has experienced violence from a current or former partner, online information and support is available. Our interactive APP was developed for, and tested with, Canadian women. Ninety-five per cent of those women recommended it to other women.

Featured Resources

For those experiencing violence
Click here to access My Plan Canada and other evidence-informed resources for people experiencing violence or its effects.
For policy actors
Click here to find policy-relevant research briefs and evidence summaries.
For health & social service providers
Click here to find trauma- & violence-informed tools, templates & other resources for those providing care.
For educators
Click here to link to workbooks, curricula and other educational materials.