Intimate partner violence (IPV) has substantial and often prolonged impacts on women’s physical and mental health and quality of life. These impacts are intertwined with women’s histories, priorities and life contexts.

Intervention for Health Enhancement and Living (iHEAL) is an innovative, health promotion intervention developed to support all women, with different life contexts, who have separated or are in transition of separating from an abusive partner. As an intervention, iHEAL is delivered by community health nurses working in partnership with women and support workers (such as counsellors or Elders) over a 6-month period. The format of delivery includes individual meetings with nurses to focus on the priorities and needs specific to women as well as an option for group meetings (e.g., workshops). iHEAL sessions address both short-term needs such as problems encountered by women because of ongoing violence, as well as long-term goals of safety, health, and capacity building.

The graphic below shows the iHEAL program of research. Details about the precursor studies that developed the current iHEAL intervention, and our current work, can be found by clicking on that part of the graphic.