Health Effects & Costs of Violence

Violence is a major public health issue. This is due not only to how common it is, but also to immediate and longer-term impacts on health and well-being.

The 2016 Chief Public Health Officer of Canada’s annual report on the state of public health in Canada focused on family violence emphasizing the prevalence, causes, costs and health consequences of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment in Canada. Click on the image to leave this page and download the report, or continue below for our projects.

Two studies from our Collaborative have specifically examined the health effects and costs of violence. 

The Women’s Health Effects Study drew on a community sample of 309 women experiencing intimate partner violence to explore how violence affected their health and what it costs all of us. 

The Men’s Violence, Gender and Health Study examined lifetime violence and its impacts among adult men. 

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Women's Health Effects Study

Women's Health Effects Study

Men's Violence, Gender & Health Study

Men's Violence, Gender and Health Study